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School trip

School trip

Toirano’s Caves, an ideal destination for school kids of all age groups, represent one of the reference points for international cultural and nature tourism, together with the beautiful medieval hamlet of Toirano and its Ethnographic Museum, a shrine holding the essence of peasant culture in the Varatella Valley.
To all this, add the Archaeological Teaching Labs, available to schools which would like to try out prehistoric life activities.

Cave Staff is available to teachers to provide information and advice on organizing a trip to Toirano’s Caves, and to visit other amenities in the area as well.

An adventurous day in the bowels of the Earth! After arriving at the large square in front of the caves’ ticketing office, groups will be able to easily reach the entrance where they will be guided along the visiting route, taking approximately 70 minutes, by a trained guide who will follow the school groups and  will introduce children and older kids to the underworld of karst caves, of which Toirano’s caves are a spectacular example.
Pupils and students alike will be able to dive into a unique world and will be allowed to discover how the caves were born, who lived here in ancient times, how stalactites and stalagmites formed, which prehistoric animals were buried here, and they will be able to question  accompanying guides.
At the end of the route Archaeological Labs will be awaiting young visitors with novel learning activities managed by the “Varatella Lab” Association and thought specifically for Primary School kids.

Labs will consist of Paleolithic hut building, cave painting, prehistoric archery practice and fire lighting skills with use of bow and stick (adequate clothing is advised).

Teaching Labs are held upon reservation and the cost of each activity, starting from € 4,00 per person, depends on the type of request and on the period selected. E-mail : varatellalab@gmail.com

Contents will be revised according to the visiting kids’ grade, from kindergarten to secondary schools. We remind you that the natural features of the walk do not lend themselves to mobility-disabled persons.

The ticket includes also entrance fees to the Varatella Valley  Ethnographic Museum including  a  walk which winds over multiple levels in the sixteenth century stables and rooms of the D'Aste Palace, later occupied by the Marchese Del Carretto, in the center of Toirano’s hamlet.
School groups will be accompanied by tour guides that will share stories on life and work during the period of time between the XVII and XX century, visiting various collections pertaining to farm work, crafts, and domestic activities practiced in ancient times in the Varatella Valley.

In closing, the visit to the historical center (Toirano has Medieval origins) , where teachers and their pupils will be able to wander freely among the original lanes and typical plazas and, why not? enjoy a pack lunch or have a meal in one of the hamlet’s restaurants or bars. For those who would like to remain around the Caves, there is a bar with a wide salon, available upon reservation inside the facilities.

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School trip

School trip

Toirano’s Caves, an ideal destination for school kids of all age groups, represen[..]