The Municipality of Toirano is located at 3 Km from the coast and has a population of 2000 inhabitants.


The wide Valatella Stream valley, because of its intermediate position between shoreline and inland areas, favored the optimal development of human settlements. From prehistoric times to ancient Ligurian populations, testimonials of Toriano’s past follow one another up to the times of Rome and Byzantium, when this was the site of a fortified center known as “Castrum Baractelìa”. During medieval times the entire valley was managed by the important Benedictine monastery of San Pietro al Monte, led by the Bishop of Albenga.


It will be in 1385 that Toirano, together with other territories belonging to the church, will be acquired by the republic of Genoa, which from that time up to the Napoleonic period will exert its dominion on the area. Val Varatella was also the theatre of some of the skirmishes of the battle of Loano (1795) and was acquired by the newly organized Reign of Sardinia after 1814.


Toirano preserves intact a good portion of the historical center’s medieval features in the ancient townships of “Barescione”, “Dari”, “Crociata”, “Braida” and, finally, in the panoramic hamlet of Carpe, which was added to the town at the beginning of the 900s.


Of particular historical interest is the ancient “Certosa” located north of the inhabited area: the Carthusians who replaced the Benedictines in 1315 transferred the Abbey’s seat from San Pietro al Monte to the bottom of the valley where they built the still visible monastery complex, where the tower and the church, originally dedicated to Saint Peter in Vincoli, are prominent features.


Since June 2006, the Municipality of Toirano was awarded the Orange Flag. It symbolizes quality according to the TCI, the selector and certifier of small inland localities based on rigorous tourism and environmental parameters such as having a historical and cultural patrimony together with offering visitors an exceptional welcome.

The economic reality of the countryside still preserves the rural imprint that for centuries characterized the valley’s economy.

Gunbi Festival

Gunbi Festival

One of the most awaited summer events is held every year in Toirano: the Gunbi Festival[..]

Dinner of the Marquis

Dinner of the Marquis

For many years, on the second half of July, the renowned “Dinner in the Marquis&r[..]

Borgo Medievale di Toirano