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Grotta del Colombo (Dove’s Cave) Excavations

Dove’s Cave opens some tens of meters higher than Basura and Santa Lucia Caves. It is a wide 50-meter long tunnel, with a lateral amphitheater of notable size.

Section of Excavation: the photo reproduces the excavation wall section which Professor A. M. Radmilli of the University of Pisa completed in the 1950s.
This "section", recently cleaned in preparation for a conference on the Caves, clearly shows the layering of various strata which form the cave’s filling. Some of the darker layers owe their color to the large quantity of organic matter, which results from man’s continued use of the cave.

Scavo della Grotta del Colombo

Drawing of the Excavation Section: it is a sort of “summary”, which defines with precision the layers’ shape, thickness and other physical and chemical features.
The so called “skeleton” has nothing to do with bones: in reality this name identifies the stones present in the finer soil’s layers.

Scavo della Grotta del Colombo

Studies by
Dr. Giovanni Boschian
Archaeological Sciences Department, University of Pisa

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