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Gruppo Speleologico Cycnus

The Cycnus Speleology Group (GSC) was officially formed in the 1970s thanks to people attracted to and sharing the passion for speleology. In 1987, a group of young people decided to gather all past experiences and re-launch the Speleological Group.  Thus an adventure that will place them, in the years to follow, at the forefront of Ligurian speleology began.
A member of the Italian Speleological Society (SSI) and of the Ligurian Speleological Delegation, GSC is also a speleology school since 1995 and is part of the National Commission of Speleological Schools of SSI.
It has been open for over a decade on Ligurian soil, in the area around Toirano in particular; it collaborates with Toirano's Municipality, with Universities, Museums and Research Institutions.
The speleological group meets every Friday at 9:00 p.m. at the former municipal palace in via G.B. Parodi 31. Those interested in speleology or curious about it are most welcome.



“I Cavernicoli” - periodical official publication on the activities of GSC.

“Santa Lucia”
- The cave, its isolation, and its traditions: origins, history and legends about the sanctuary cave of Upper Santa Lucia. It reports on ethno-historical research enriched by precision topographic maps produced by GSC in collaboration with Orlando Boccone, supervisor of the Museo Civiltà Contadina di Toirano (Country Folks Ethnicity Museum of Toirano). Publication edited with a contribution of Regione Liguria.

“Il Buranco II Case Peglia”
- edited by Roberto Chiesa of GSC.

“Sentiero delle Terre Alte”, 1st volume
- description of new trekking routes. Work completed in collaboration with other associations, and including photographs and nearby trekking itineraries.

“Atti Toirano 2000”
of the fifth Ligurian Speleological Conference - Speleology and karstification in the area of Toirano, 30 September-1 October 2000 - Synthesis of current knowledge on speleology, exploration and science in the area of Toirano. Besides scientific studies and research, the volume includes a geological chart with the position of the 186 caves discovered as of today. The volume has been published with the contribution of Comune of Toirano.


Among other activities we would like to underscore:
- The conference and subsequent published volume, which allowed our group to actively collaborate with the Archaeological Sciences Department of the University of Pisa, and to participate with one of our studies to the archaeological conference “Toirano and the Basura Cave : Understand, Conserve and Manage Archaeological and Paleontological Treasures” held in Toirano 26-28 October 2000;
- The Regional Programme of “land (cadastral) revision” which was aimed at re-analyzing old cave data;

- Research and monitoring studies of Toirano and surroundings’ water sources;

- The staging of the annual “Speleologist’s Christmas” inside the sanctuary cave of Santa Lucia.

- We have been involved in a variety of projects, the most recent of which is that organized by the Italian Speleological Society, the Central Commission for Speleology and the Alpine and Speleological Rescue of the Italian Alpine Club (CAI) in collaboration with the Italian Committee:  “2002 - International Year of the Mountains” under the auspices of UN and FAO.

- The first national day of speleology entitled “The Water We Will Drink”, which saw us engaged in teaching local school kids about “water” as a resource, and the importance of its conservation and,  as a consequence, the importance of protecting our environment. 


Gruppo Speleologico Cycnus
Via G.B. Parodi, 31 - 17055 Toirano (SV)
mail: gscycnus@yahoo.it
Contacts: Chiesa Agostino 0182/989685 evenings; Chiesa Roberto 0182/98766 evenings.

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