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The word of science...The comments of scholars

“...This huge amount of hard and continuous work turned Toirano’s Caves into not only an economic and tourism enterprise coupled with scientific interest, but also a work of faith, to which the local spelunkers of Toirano continue to participate; this experience beautifully illustrated that you can engage in a tourism activity through scientific institutes and organizations, and merge both interests toward the same goal”.
Nino Lamboglia, 1960
Founder and Director of the International Institute for Ligurian Studies and of the Ente Grotte of Toirano.

“...Another visit to the Tana della Bàsura (Bàsura Burrow): and we are more and more in wonder because of the magic and splendor of the cave. Thousands of years after the barefoot visitor, we arrived in the “Mystery Amphitheater” asking ourselves about the timing of that first visit and its meaning...”.
Henry De Lumley, Marie-Antoinette De Lumley
Musèe de l’Homme, Paris

“...This unrepeatable complex wants to represent, in everyone’s intentions, a formal commitment: that the footprint our times will leave on these soils is, as much as it is possible, a positive footprint, dedicated to inquiry, vigilance and respect”.
Anna Gallina Zevi
Superintendent to Beni Archeologici della Liguria until 1998

“It is truly an honor to visit and work in the Bàsura Cave, surely one of the most interesting and mysterious caves in Europe. I truly hope that our efforts are awarded a more complete understanding of the meaning of the” Mysteries Amphitheater”.
Theya Molleson
British Museum, London

“...Toirano’s Caves have generated a tremendous interest both from the geological and geomorphological perspective and the paleontological and prehistoric one. We believe they are one of the European places that are richest in teaching,  and among the most beautiful”.

C. Ek M. Gewelt, A. Ozer J. Alexandre
Laboratoire de Gèomorphologie et de Gèologie Du Quaternaire, Universitè de Liège

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